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«PP-Vityaz in LCT office». Explanation from Red Army Airsoft.

In connection with incomprehensible remarks against incompetence of Red Army Airsoft, we want to give an explanation. The current situation — is the result of difficulties of translation.


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At the Red Army Airsoft site nowhere does it say that we affirm that LCT preparing to release «Vityaz». If you correctly translate this article from Russian language — you’ll see it.

Content of this article:

1. We have spotted in the Vkontakte profile of A4Y some photos with receiver of airsoft replica Vityaz which produced by the Russian company C.S.O. With a note that this photo was taken in the office LCT.

2. We had found the source of these photos at the page Taiwanese shop «6TH FACTORY». With comments that the photo was taken at LCT office.

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3. We made the assumption (assumption, but not a statement!) that LCT is working for production of the airsoft version of Vityaz and bought this receiver from C.S.O.

On this photo present airsoft version of the Vityaz made by C.S.O., absolutely.


Manufacturer had recognized own product.

If a 6TH FACTORY comment , that the picture was taken in the office of LCT, was truthful. Then we have a question: «Why LCT bought this receiver and brought to his office?»

And please refrain from premature and unjustified accusations against the Red Army Airsoft. We made only a small investigation, with showing all sources of information in Russian language. Perhaps, when translated into other languages, the sense ​​has been corrupted. If you do not sure in translation of the article from our site — please contact us at e-mail: airsoft@redarmyairsoft.ru and we will do a translation to English for yours site.

Also i would like to apologize to colleagues from Popular Airsoft, because I didn’t fully check the correctness of translation.I understand that Russian language isn’t easy and very grateful that the Popular Airsoft try to publish the information from all around the world and even from such «difficult» sources as our website. And in future i will try to help of translation.

Please wmasg.pl, I ask to refute the information about the incompetence of Red Army Airsoft, because you took the information from our site and translated it incorrectly on your own.
333UPD:  Thank wmasg.pl, for what quickly apprised of the situation and correct all errors!  We are very happy that our foreign colleagues can always find a common language. In turn, we are ready to help colleagues in the translation of our site materials for the international language.



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